Srinagar Girls Break Barriers

Srinagar Girls Break Barriers

Sizzle Up BBQs in Food Mela


SRINAGAR, Mar 17: A group of enterprising young women in the summer capital of Kashmir have taken a bold step towards entrepreneurship, setting up a barbecue cart on the outskirts of Srinagar to sell a variety of fast foods.

The seven-member group, led by Gulshan Yousuf, is breaking barriers in a male-dominated sector and paving the way for other women to follow suit. The women have taken the initiative to start their own business unit, offering barbecued fish, chicken, and other items, with the aim of earning their livelihood and scripting their own success stories.

Picture Credit: Shiekh Danish

A local who visited the food mela said that selling barbeques and other fast food selling things by women in Kashmir now is now emerging as a game changer and giving tough competition to male-dominated jobs,

Gulshan Yousuf, told Kashmir Despatch, those days are gone when women used to sit back but now women are doing better than males and can fulfill their dreams.

She stated that the time has come when one should be careful about their future, no matter what gender it is; what matters is that one should not be dependent on others.

Gulshan said that there is a section of people who will always criticize and will try to downgrade, but it’s you who faces the challenge and makes them wrong through your dedication, efforts, and hard work.

Rumeena Ahad, another member of the group, said that through one of the government schemes, the group got training and thus was able to install the cart today at SARAS.

Picture Credit : Shiekh Danish

“The people who visit us are astonished to see the females selling barbeques, fish, and chicken stuff. They are appreciating us as well,” she said.

She said that it was quite difficult in the beginning to opt for barbeque selling and other fast food stuff, but now the family and the society have been supporting them in their endeavor.

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