The Lessons in the Contagion

The Lessons in the Contagion

An endless cycle of death, intensifying Covid transmission rates and scarce health care facilities is the dark stark reality we are living in. Just two few years back an apocalyptic scene from a movie would have raised our goosebumps in excitement but not anymore as the spectacle of death has unnerved our senses.

With bright flaring cremated pyres to the graves dug in rows the virus, without any disparity, has spared no one. The pain of losing loved ones is being felt by us all without questioning which religion or cast the dying person and his family belonged to.

However, it’s tragic that it took a pandemic to make us realise the common human bond we all shared. This may be in line with the comment which senior George Bush made before the senates in 1991 when he said that it may take another worldly or alien invasion for us to recognise our similarities.

Well not an alien but a small virulent virus has attacked humanity from every corner and the test is on us that: Are we ready to help our fellow humans out of this menace. Definitely, the ray of hope still exists. As India struggles with the deadly second wave US, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Britain, and many European countries have expressed their solidarity besides sending in large shipments of liquid oxygen and other medical aids.

Tough times teach and reprimand us in a very subtle manner wherein wisdom lies to accept our faults, work for our fellow human beings and rise above narrow ideals that divide humanity.

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