Usman Majid urges party workers to gear up for upcoming DDC Polls and Panchayat Bypolls

Bandipora November 06:Vice-President JKAP & Former minister Usman Majid on Friday asked party workers of Block Bankoot to gear up for the upcoming DDC polls & Bypolls of vaccant panchayat seats.

Usman Majid said, JKAP will bring the J&K at a developmental track again ensuring that justice is done to people especially poor and down trodden people. He blamed the present bureaucracy rule for ignoring people on all lines, saying that during these three years rule, people have not seen any development, rather the exploitation and victimization on the part of bureaucrats and have pushed people to wall.

Usman said, said JKAP being a responsible and pro people political force will fights for the rights of our people of J&K.

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