Violence begets violence

Violence begets violence

Violence in any form or manifestation is not only detested but abhorred in Islam. Even the religious scriptures tell that killing of an innocent human being is akin to the killing of entire humanity.

The latest incident that took place at Nowgam wherein two non local labourers were shot at should be condemned by one and all. Given the history of the previous over three decades, it is now crystal clear that violence only begets violence and guns yield nothing except for consuming generations and generations of human beings, most of whom don’t know why they were even targeted.

People of any civilized society never condone such gruesome actions that too when the same are directed at the innocent people who migrate from one place to another in search of their bread and butter. Another aspect of these violent actions is that targeting any non local who is here in search of work has a catastrophic impact on Kashmir’s economy.

Almost all sectors especially agriculture and real estate business are nowadays totally dependent on the non local labourers. And targeting this workforce means sky rocketing labour costs that will have a cascading impact on Kashmir’s housing and its allied sectors.As a society we all need to appreciate this fact also that a significant number of Kashmiris also venture outside J&K in connection with their trade and business. So if we remain silent on the Nowgam like incident today, tomorrow we should not regret the same treatment that will be meted out by our fellow Kashmiris outside J&K. It is time to rise to the occasion and call a spade a spade. 

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