Youth Must be Inspired through Political Leadership – Wasif Mir

Youth Must be Inspired through Political Leadership – Wasif Mir

Youth generation of our country is having highest percentage in population from rest of the world. Youth force could be said as spinal cord of any nation and termed as the future of the country.

In current political scenario of the country is having few young politicians. Our country requires more and more young forces in politics. It is high time that youth of the country must be inspired through political leadership. These views were expressed by Jammu Kashmir Apni Party Youth leader & District Youth President Bandipora of Wasif Mir.

On political leadership, he says that youth of India have potential to lead the country. They need proper guidance, inspiration, motivation and proper opportunity by political party leaders. Now-a-days, Social Media plays a vital role in mobilizing youth. They are instant to react over burning issues that matter a lot for betterment of society. As Shri Wasif Majeed Mir feels that youth leadership lies in proper motivation that gives rise to effective and energetic response in mingling youth force.

Wasif Mir, a former student who finished his post-graduation in Business Administration from Pune, was recently appointed as District President of Jammu Kashmir Apni Party Youth Wing Bandipora.

While Speaking with our editor Wasif said, the goal of JKAP is to take the youth forward. The concerns of youth will be our concerns, the problem of youth and students will be our problems. Jammu Kashmir Apni Party will take the youth forward in all spheres.

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