Zaffer Mir anguished over terrif hikes for Hajj pilgrims

Zaffer Mir anguished over terrif hikes for Hajj pilgrims

Chadoora, May 12: Prominent politician Zaffer Mir (Lasjan) on Friday expressed deep resentment over the exhorbitant hike in the Hajj pilgrimage amount for J&K pilgrims ahead of this year’s pilgrimage.

In his statement issued to the media, Zaffer said the increase in pilgrim expenses has once again shocked the people of J&K who already pay more for this blessed journey while compared to the rest of states in the country.

“The people feel dejected especially those who had longed planned for this spiritual journey. This decision is unilateral & equally irrational which needs to be rectified to end the visible disparity and ensure a fair treatment for J&K’s Hajj aspirants,” he said.

Zaffer Mir (Lasjan) emphasized that the high rates for Hajj pilgrims in Jammu & Kashmir have been a persistent issue but no government has taken pains to adress it.

“Even the Chairperson J&K Hajj Committee has come in the media to express her displeasure over the decision of terrif hike while saying that they were expecting the expenses to remain consistent. But unfortunately their plight was not taken into consideration and thus it remains vital for the Government to understand the nature of this matter and accept the recommendations of the Hajj Committee which will ultimately honour the will of people,” he said.

He also appealed to the concerned authorities in the Central Government to reciprocate with the genuine demands of Hajj aspirants.

“By means of media, I request the intervention of Ministry of External affairs and Hajj Board of India to end this disparity and deliver fair treatment to J&K Hajj aspirants. This issue needs to be resolved swiftly to ensure that the pilgrimage remains accessible and affordable for all individuals from Jammu & Kashmir,” he said.

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