Army’s 26 Assam rifles felicitates Jiu-Jitsu player in Bandipora

Army’s 26 Assam rifles  felicitates Jiu-Jitsu player in Bandipora

Tauseef Ahmad

Bandipora :-The Army’s 26 Assam rifles unit at Paribal sector of Bandipora district on Wednesday facilitated a teenage girl who had brought laurels to J&K after carved her way to nationals Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

Speaking with the reporters on the sidelines of a function, Iqra said that she was interested in martial arts since her childhood but she faced many challenges in order to achieve her dream. Playing at national level from UT Jammu and Kashmir and to become a champion in Jiu-Jitsu martial arts was a primary aim of her life.

The young was felicitated by the 26 Assam rifles Army’s Deputy commanding officer Vassudan potty, besides she was also encouraged by the army in achieving her goal.

Notably, Iqra Yousef of remote Quil Muqam village of Bandipora despite facing challenges has made it to Asian games level and will represent India had already won Ju-Jitu nationala in Madhya Pradesh.

“The felicitation ceremony was aimed to empower other girls in the area who are interested in sports, and will provide all possible support to young sports players in Bandipora ”, Deputy commandant Assam rifles said.

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