Augment Healthcare

Augment Healthcare

COVID Pandemic is not over. Even a case of avian influenza commonly known as Bird flu (HSN8) has been reported in Baramulla district. People need not to lower their guard against the COVID and take all the precautions as they would use during the early days of the Pandemic.

Kashmiris are generally non vegetarians. So eating mutton and chicken is a usual phenomenon. Reports suggest that we should avoid poultry and its byproducts till the apprehensions are allayed by the government.

The J&K government should also immediately constitute a team of medical experts who can issue the recent advisories in this regard. Our hospitals need to be upgraded and keep ready with regard to the treatment for the probable cases of avian influenza.

Cooperation from the general public is the need of the hour. Government alone cannot address the emergencies created by such natural calamities. Pandemics have a history of consuming human lives without any considerations. So better to be prepared well in advance to tackle any kind of eventuality.

As the adage goes prevention is better than cure. People should understand that there are no immediate remedies available in hospitals to deadly viral diseases. So it is better to adhere to the guidelines and health advisories issued by the world health organisations from time to time.

Maintains social distance, wearing mask and use of soaps and sanitizers is an effective tool to prevent unwanted and avoidable fatalities.

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