KASHPEX-2023 State Level Philatelic Exhibition Commences at SKICC, Srinagar

KASHPEX-2023 State Level Philatelic Exhibition Commences at SKICC, Srinagar

Arjumand Wani

SRINAGAR, Nov 28: KASHPEX-2023, the State Level Philatelic Exhibition, commenced today at SKICC, Srinagar, with the inaugural ceremony graced by Brig K Bhardwaj and Col Vinod Kumar. The event, organized by the Department of Posts, J&K Circle, aims to revive the charm of philately and educate the public, especially children and youth, about India’s rich history, culture, and heritage through postage stamps.

Philately, often hailed as the “king of hobbies,” is more than a pastime; it’s a lifestyle choice connecting enthusiasts with history, culture, art, and nature. Despite facing a decline in the age of the internet, philately is experiencing a resurgence, thanks to online marketplaces. India Post’s Philately Promotion Program actively supports this resurgence by organizing exhibitions at various levels.

Running from November 28 to November 30, the exhibition showcases around 50,000 postage stamps and philatelic items. Visitors can explore India’s diverse history and culture through rare stamps, including scented ones, dating back to the 1800s and 1900s. The event serves as an opportunity for both enthusiasts and the general public to witness unique collections, first-day covers, miniature sheets, and more

To promote philately among school children, philatelic kits were distributed, and seminars and workshops conducted by renowned philatelists provided valuable insights. Col Vinod Kumar emphasized the dual benefits of philately—knowledge enhancement and potential monetary value. The exhibition also introduced a special cover on Ghanta Ghar, recognizing Srinagar’s transformation into a Smart City.

Athar Aamir Khan, Commissioner SMC and CEO of Srinagar Smart City Limited, encouraged school children to embrace stamp collecting as a hobby. The event’s special attraction, “My Stamp,” personalized with a thumbnail image of the customer’s photograph, was presented to the Chief Guest, Brig K Bhardwaj.

Col Vinod Kumar highlighted India Post’s crucial role in ensuring financial inclusion and emphasized its extensive network for last-mile mail delivery.

Pankaj K. Mishra, Director Postal Services, J&K, expressed gratitude during the vote of thanks. Dr P.P. Singh, Director of Accounts (Postal), was also in attendance. The event was conducted by Azhar Hajini.

The KASHPEX-2023 exhibition promises to be a cultural journey through stamps, fostering knowledge, appreciation, and a renewed interest in philately among people of all ages.

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