Opinion : Dim Prospects for New Political Front To Emerge


Basharat Bukhari may return to NC as ‘Ghar Wapisi’ or join Azad

By Azhar Hussain

Todays expulsion of former Minister and senior leader Basharat Bukhari from the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Conference (JKPC) has set the social media abuzz with speculations.

As the news circulated, it became evident that the political landscape was about to witness another round of changes and uncertainties. However, amidst the chaos, one cannot help but question the credibility and necessity of these new political fronts.

It is worth noting that Basharat Bukhari had already announced his disengagement from party activities in a televised interview a month ago, which had created quite a noise. Some political analysts argue that his problems intensified after the dissolution of the Sangrama constituency, as he was subsequently moved to contest from the newly created Wagoora-Kreeri constituency.

Rumors regarding Bilal Lone’s alleged request to Sajad Lone, asking for his daughter to contest from Wagoora-Kreeri, have further fueled tensions between Sajad Lone and Basharat Bukhari, according to certain observers.

Additionally, the news of a potential new political front has spread like wildfire through media outlets. However, the credibility of such claims is always questionable.

The Quick Update reached out to several political personalities who denied the possibility of any new front, pointing out that it would further undermine the credibility of a politician who have been hopping between numerous political parties.

Jammu and Kashmir has already witnessed a plethora of political parties, packed with politician who have already tasted power. While the formation of a new party with fresh faces could bring a different dynamic to the region, the constant emergence of new fronts by former political leaders lacks novelty. Instead, it reflects a norm that has become obsolete in its trend.

The establishment of new political fronts by individuals who genuinely wish to contribute to the political landscape is understandable. However, when seasoned politicians continually create and join these fronts, it raises concerns about their identity crisis and personal political adjustments.

It is unlikely that voters would be interested in supporting candidates who seem uncertain about their own representation.

In essence, the proliferation of new political fronts must be met with skepticism. Instead of becoming engrossed in the ever-changing landscape of politicians seeking new alliances, the focus should shift towards policies, governance, and genuine representation of the people’s interests.

Only by prioritizing these factors can Jammu and Kashmir achieve a political system that truly serves its citizens and fosters a sense of trust and stability.


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