Police Modernisation Plan: Cops in J&K, Ladakh UTs to get hi-tech gadgets, mobile commando vehicles

Police Modernisation Plan:  Cops in J&K, Ladakh UTs to get hi-tech gadgets, mobile commando vehicles

Srinagar, Dec 19 : In a major move to raise the morale of policemen of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh Union Territories (UTs), Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has approved Rs 300 Crore under Police Modernization Plan (PMP) for both UTs to procure hi-tech gadgets, mobile commando vehicles and other equipment to ensure better policing.

According to wire service—the MHA has approved Rs 300 for both J&K and Ladakh UTs for procuring high end equipment that include 40 mobile commando vehicles, bullet proof shields, helmets, and body cameras besides other items needed for daily policing.

“This is for the first time that J&K and Ladakh police will get modern equipment for better policing. Mobile Vehicles are meant to reach the spot of crime or any other incident within shortest possible duration and to keep a close watch on the suspects who try to vitiate peaceful atmosphere,” a senior officer at the MHA told.

He said that the MCVs will be fitted with the inbuilt cameras from front and the rear side so that the behavior and proceedings of policemen are recording in case there is a counter allegation.

To being with, J&K police will procure 40 MCVs, 30 for J&K and 10 for Ladakh UT. Laddakh will have its own police wing and new gadgets will accordingly be distributed among the cops there. “There will be distribution of modern weapons among the policemen as some weapons have become obsolete. This, however, will take place after a proper review that is slated for March this year,” the sources told.

The MHA sources said that in J&K and Ladakh UT will also ensure that all the police stations are fully equipped with latest technology so that timely action is taken against the day to crimes and criminals. “All the police stations will be inter linked with each other at the zonal, district and the regional level. The data of all the police stations will be accessible to Police control Rooms of each district region and the UT,” said sources.

Under the new plan, the J&K police would also procure modern means of crowd control to do away with the pellets, bullets and other lethal means of controlling protests. “The new means include water cannons, colour water cannons, tear gas, use of gas that causes itching in body etc,” sources revealed. (KNO).

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