‘The STEARS’ to offer social development education, skilling enterprenuership programs

‘The STEARS’ to offer social development education, skilling enterprenuership programs

Abrar Mattoo

Srinagar : The STEARS organization and University of Kashmir Collaborate to offer Social Development Education, Skilling and Entrepreneurship Programs.

Recently, The STEARS collaborated with the Department of Social Work, University of Kashmir.

Through this relationship, The STEARS intends to provide the students with a variety of tools and practical knowledge that will enable them to put their ideas into action and work on ground for a stronger impact.

The first session focused on shifting social workers’ perspectives so they could work effectively and have a solid understanding of themselves before making transformative choices that would benefit their communities and society as a whole.

The key topic of the 4-hour long session was to make the participants realize how the system of social work was implemented and practiced on ground.

The different challenges that were faced during fieldwork and the ways to tackle those challenges in a realistic way were also covered.

The STEARS Team highlighted the importance of the 4 key layers as a mechanism for Conflict Transformation in themselves and others-Self Exploration, Self- Acceptance, Self-Expression and Leadership in Conflict Transformation.

The course of Social Work was started by the University of Kashmir in 2003.

The aim of the Department is to equip the students with multidimensional theoretical aspects and to integrate theory into practice.

A comprehensive theoretical and practical grounding has been imparted to the students to prepare them with professional capabilities to carve out a niche for themselves in in both private and government sectors.

As such, regular Seminars, Workshops and Guest Faculties are conducted to enhance the intellectual and leadership capabilities of the students.

As a follow-up to the STEARS’ session, the students raised queries from their on-field assignments and ground projects such as to how organizations in the social sector work and deliver impact, how non-traditional and innovative methods of education could be incorporated in rural communities in Kashmir.

One of the STEARS Facilitators then conducted a paper cutting activity to explain the concept of accepting and respecting individual perceptions.

The students were asked to close their eyes and cut the paper in different ways, thus representing uniqueness in thought and action.

The STEARS has been actively working across India, with its core region of emphasis being Jammu and Kashmir, for building and strengthening adaptive leadership in the youth, enabling them to realize social change and community transformation through experiential programs.

With a motto of peacebuilding through education, via such diverse programs, it has been and continues to encourage children to address conflicts, both internal and external, with innovative and creative solutions.

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